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how to keep DRL's on without Auto selected?

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Has anyone else noticed that if you take your headlights out of "Auto" mode, not only will it turn off the headlights (which I want) but it will also turn off the strip of LED's on the bottom of the headlights (which I don't want).

At that point, our only option is to turn on the running lights, which will turn on all the amber lights and my tail lights along with it.

So the question is, how do I keep my DRL's on when it is slightly overcast outside and I don't want my auto headlights to come on?
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DRL's come on anytime truck is running and not in park. "Auto" just means that heads will come on if sensor on dash says its getting to dark to drive without headlights and the DRL's will turn off. As you found out turning switch to off turns off the DRL. Turn on fogs if you want a little light only
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