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HTT 66/71/14 Kit

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We have been seeing alot of guys asking about the HTT 66/71/14 turbo and kit. Below we will list the price. This is available with a standard housing or Ss.

HTT 66/71/14 Standard housing.
HTT 66/71/16 Ss housing.

If you are interested in pricing please let me know.

Thanks Tyler
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Is there any difference in performacne betweent the starndard housing or the SS housing?
Ss housing handles heat better, and allows the turbo to perform better.

Info directly from HTT:
• Our SS alloy rejects heat (like a Styrofoam cup). The housing walls are twice the thickness as before. These improvements allows the housing to retain heat rather than dissipate it, allowing it to be converted into energy. This improves spool-up and responsiveness.

• Ability to withstand higher heat temperature. Current ductile iron housings have a maximum temperature of 1570°. SS maximum temperature is 2120°.
Curious on the price
Good to know thanks Tyler.
whats the price on these tyler?
x2 on the prices
tyler if you get a chance shoot me a pm with a price for the SS housing
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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