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DPP Universal 25K GVW Transmision Cooler. 19,000 BTU/HR With Installation Kit
[DPP 25KGVW FluidCool] $45.99

Purchase here


This is a great buy! We landed ourselves a couple hundred of these quality fluid coolers at a special cost and we are passing this on to you! This is not your old fashioned tube and fin cooler, this is a plate and fin style cooler.

If you are not familiar with a plate and fin cooler, imagine that you start with a standard round tube type cooler. Now take that round tube and put it in a machine that flattens it almost to the point of being closed all the way across the now flat plate. Now take that plate and apply your fins to it and you get a huge surface area of oil to wall contact.... unlike a round tube and fin where the tube is only seeing the outside edge of the large volume of oil.

So you see what is done, and you think...hey....does this not choke off the flow of that single tube that used flow enough for my big bad tranny? did. That is why we got them made with 9 plates stacked together onto the inlet hose barb, and those 9 plates make a horse-shoe and all connect to the one outlet barb. Your tranny fluid, engine oil, or steering fluid go into that one barb and disperse evenly across the 9 plates to minimize restriction and come back together gently at the outlet barb.

This is the best cooling solution for your money. You talk about value? Value is spending a little bit, but getting huge results. This cooler will give the results your looking for! I have personally run the old tube and fin coolers and can attest that they barely cool the fluid when towing heavy in the summer. This cooler will make that fluid temp drop an average of 40¬?+ on a heavy tow even on a hot summer day. Add a fan to it for low speed stop and go driving and your going to love the results you get in city driving while pulling car haulers, or on tow trucks and RV/Motor Homes!

The installation is simple. This cooler comes with a section of high pressure rubber line, the plastic thru radiator barbs to mount to the existing coolers, and all you need to do is cut one of the metal lines (Outlet of the OEM cooler) and run into this auxillary cooler, and then go from the outlet of this cooler to the inlet of that cut line that returns back to the transmission. A typical install will require about 1 hour of time.

On some vehicles you may need an additional fitting or two if you do not want to cut the OEM hard lines. In this case your local True-Value Hardware Store or similar will have the fittings to do what you need!

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 December, 2006.
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