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i come in peace

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figured i'd make this my first stop. i'm really sure what the heck i'm doing here. i own a 96 dodge with the cummins. work at a gmc dealer. guess if i wouldn't have been given this dodge i'd have probably wandered into a duramax sooner or later. nice trucks and i have alot of respect for their abilities. just don't like even thinking about working on them. i'll be around.
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WElcome Man, we wont hold the dodge aginst you:tease . Atleast you get to drive a Gm's at work:gearjamin JK....

Again, WElcome
nice to see i'm in the company of a fellow smart :moon . thanks for the welcome.:drink atleast we can all come together and agree fords suck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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