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I love YouTube idiots

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enjoy, bastard's pushing 550 ponies... bet it's a hypertech truck hahahaha

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That was completely retarded and a waste of my time.....

until I heard the guy screaming "******* YYEEAAAAHHH!!!!!"

than I laughed my ass off... literally.

I hardly even bother with youtube anymore...the place is bogged down with cummins (and in this case a dmax) guys "smokin' out" just about everything. Certainly not helping the public opinion of diesel trucks. GrrRRrr
oh i agree, it's pretty much all crap.. there is some funny shit there every once in a while

Just watched the video again for the sole purpose of hearing "****** YYEEAAAHHHHH!!!!"
hahaha I know right, favorite part right there. trust in me man, wouldn't post a complete waste :thumb :rof :drink

That guy yelling was awesome! My brothers old hypertech didn't smoke hardly at all, WTF is on this truck?!
I don't know what the hell that was. seeing as he's claiming 550hp it's probably got a bastard stack or something equally stupid hahahaha
just said hypertech cause it's cheap, i know it's not bad. J/A would've been better :gearjamin
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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