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I Need A "lift"

I Have Had This O5 LLY Since Spring & Have Put 20k On It So Far. Because Of Necesity, I Do Alot Of Off Roading But I Am Tired Of Draging Bottom So Much. I Would Like To Get A Little More Clearence. I Still Have The 245's On It But I Think I'm Will Only Upgrade To 265. Turn The Bars Only? Sugestions. Great-fun Truck To Drive.
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No problem man. That kit fits 285's but if you're gonna put a lift on might as well go ahead and do it right. It's a shame you can't get a solid front axle like in a dodge or ford. So much easier to lift with solid.
I Have 315s Under My 06 Stock And It Rides Great I Just Turned The T-bars Up A Little Bit
wow nothing like bringing something back from the
yeah i know i have nothing to freakin do so find something interesting that not many other people do like putting 35s on a bone stock d-max
i miss-typed that i meant "so i find something interesting" my bad lol
I tow a 5th wheel trailer and I wanted to run 33" tires and I did not want to go 4'' or 6'' just because of the cost and it would be too high to tow my trailer. I ended up using the 2"-3" Truxxx kit for the front with a 1" block kit for the rear and I was able to put the 285's on my truck with out the rub. Th kit cost was $287.00 plus an alignment $49.95.
how rough does it ride with those torsion re-keys Jimbolina

It definatly firmed up the ride. Very comfortable though. i am very happy with look and ride.
yeah i have my t-bars cranked almost all the way up and its high enough to run 315s on stock wheels or 305s on aftermarket wheels ..and it still ride smooth but it is more stiff
I previously had a 1999 Ford F250 and that was a much harder ride than this 06 CC SB LBZ ever was before and after the Truxxx kit was installed.
yeah i had an 01 f250 and it rode like like a roller coaster compared to chevy ifs
Did you have aligment issues once you cranked up the bars. It is my understanding that if you just crank the bars, that the caster and camber can not be brought back into spec. to get good tire wear?
yeah it knocks it out of alignment when you crank them up but all you have to do is go and have it re-aligned. but yes when it is out of alignment the tires wear about twice as fast.. I know from experience i learned the hard way
I think that is the big advantage and reason I went with the Truxxx re-key kit on the torsion bars and still maintain the ride quality that is accpetable.
yeah that kit has pretty much the same concept of cranking on the torsion bars it just allows you to go even higher
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