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im dumb at this

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i found a great deal on a set of rims.....
they are 16x8 and have 4in backspacing and 0 offset....
they look like the mickey thompson classics....and i plan on running 285-75-16 m.t's
my truck is leveled with extended hd shocks
what will this wheell look like?
how much of a lip?
how far out will they stick? etc.... thanx everyone im alil slow sometimes hahahaha:rof
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they will stick out further than mine...I have eagle alloy 187s with 4.5". I had to trim some off the front bumper and not run mudflaps to make everything fit without rubbing. You might get more rubbing than I did...dont know how much difference .5" of backspacing will make. I also have a GMC. Here are a couple pics of my truck with the cognito UCAs and torsions cranked w/ 1.5" blocks in the back. Doublecheck the backspace on them..MOST 16x8s are 4.5" BS.

pics without the torsions cranked:

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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