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Im new from the AK

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I recently just pick up a 01 chevy duramax 2500hd from the dodge dealer on a trade in (boy what was the other owner thinking when he bought a dodge) anyways it had some mods i relized after i bought it 4" exhaust, i knew it had a k&n air filter cold air intake, and found out it has the van aaken peformance chip in it thats really all i have found done to the truck, im looking to buy gauges and such any specific brand i should look into? I know i need a pyro and a boost gauge.. well send me some advice thanks
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Welcome!! You will love your truck! You really can't go wrong with any of the guages. I bet a majority of people have the autometer guages. Issopro (sp?) are good too. It comes down to what style you like.
Welcome man, Congrats on the new ride!!!!!!!!!
Ya i have seen he isspro and te autometer i was looking at going with one of those i seen the isspro has cheaper gauges.. ya i love my truck its got alot of power..

I would not recommend the Isspro auges personally. They are not all that much less expensive and they can be alot more of a pain to install. You get what you pay for. I would stick with the Autometers. Also, the Quadzilla Commander is a stand alone monitor kit that can keep track of a lot more than a set of gauges can and is cheaper.

You can find more info on the Commander here.

PM me if you want prices.
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