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In dash Pioneer dvd, navigation ???

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So I have the dvd nav unit in my truck. To play a dvd the truck must have the e-brake on..... so playing it while the truck is driving is a no no... how do i wire it to get it to play a dvd while driving :neener......
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Go to a stero shop they sell a switch.

Call these guys,

24300 San Fernando Rd
Newhall, CA 91321
(661) 255-6010

They did my neighbors in dash
what model do you have? has almost any hack that you would ever want to do.
i believe on ebay ther are a bunch of kits to override that..i want to say they are around $5-$10? ill check real quick i cant find them...
on my dual it has a sequence u have to do so i bought just a toggle switch for a couple dollars and and wired one to the ground and one to deck and do sequence it works great.
don't buy anything extra that is someone just trying to rip people off. I have never heard of buying anything extra to make it play while moving. Somebody please correct me if i am wrong.
actually found this not sure what model you have but this works for a couple...
NEW Pioneer AVIC-F90BT AVIC-F900 Override Bypass CD - eBay (item 250578744522 end time Mar-12-10 22:04:34 PST)
just use a toggle switch
you just have to ground a certain wire its no biggy ill ask my buddy who used to do this for a living ha.
ya man u ground one and u hook other to the wire outta deck. then u flip switch which engages the "park brake"
TAKE THE GREEN WIRE IN THE WIRE HARNESS AND HOOK IT UP TO THE SAME GROUNG THAT THE BLACK WIRE IS HOOK UP TO . yOUR PROBLEM WILL BE FIXED.. thats what my buddy said also a few others but he said thats your best bet for most pioneers.

or try this Pioneer Bypass - Directions

or google for a little bit and find something. my buddy can get a wiring diagram for this on wed.just need to know what model it is.
You have to ground a wire I just don't remember which. I piggybacked 2 wires on my avic f90bt. just do a little google hunting and you'll find it.
awsome guys thanks for all the info, now can I also hook up an additional screen to the unit for the rear passengers
im gonna add that it depends on how new your kit is.. the new ones wont let you bypass it.. it goes off your GPS and if it notices your moving it auto shuts off... i learned the hard way.. my old unit was stolen a few weeks ago and bought a new one and it has this new safety feature
not sure how old the unit is... was all ready in the truck........ is there a way to just install and additional tv screen for the rear incase I can bypass
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