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INFO ON 07 Classics

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Took the new truck into the custom shop today to have all the goodies added and while they were installing the B & W turnaball hitch they found that my 2500HD has 3500 frame under it. The bolt hole pattern is apparently different so they are sending for a hitch for a 3500 rather tha drilling the extra holes, which is OK by me.

I guess GM is tryin ta use up all those old parts they have left over!

Anyone one else have a crossbreed:confused:

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The only difference between a 2500 and a 3500 are the springs. The frames are EXACTLY the same.
You know thats what I thought, there tha same on the Fords, but apparently
the bolt holes want line up. Now maybe something changed with the hole pattern from GM and B&W hasnt caught up yet or what.

New hitch was ordered for 3500 HD today, I,ll let you know if it is different
from B&W
Did they change the frame from 2006 to the new 2007's?

Ok guys , havent got the truck back yet, but I did go on B & Ws web site and found out that the 3/4 ton 2500HD takes kit #1061 and the one ton 3500HD takes kit #1062.

Bolt holes would not line up on my 07 classic 2500HD with kit #1061
Ordered kit #1062

Will post back with pics when I p/u my ride.


1) Diesel N Dust is correct (Frames are same)::eek:

2) Beds are different (Go figure) 2 extra cross braces in 3500HD

3) My 07 Classic 2500 HD has a 3500 HD "BED" on it.

4) B&W Part #1062 is for 3500 HD BEDS

I,ll get pics of the difference in the braces on the bed and post asap

Might save someone the freight charges

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I did not know there was a difference in the beds, I would like to see the pics.
Yea, apparantly the 3500 Bed has 2 or 3 more cross braces underneth.
Its raining like crazy right now, and the shop is full , so pics will be coming

Hey Eric did ya get those pics yet? This is interesting. I have the B&W turnover hitch intalled on my 2500HD but I have no idea what the part number is. Maybe it's on the hitch somewhere? Keep us posted.

Hey maybe you have a 3500 and they put the wrong badges on it!!
Hey Guys!

Sorry its taking so long, but with the down pours, hail, and oh yea
TORNADOES!!!!!!!!!!! this weekend I,ve been alittle busy.

Pics of bed braces in my Garage by Wed.
LOL sounds interesting. I bet they just scramble around at the factory and use up what they can, kinda scary. I wonder if anything else is different...
Here is the pic of my truck bed braces. Looked at a buddy of mines 2500HD
CC Short Bed and it does not have the extra brace in the middle or to the far
right in this pick.
I would like to see a pic of 06 Long Bed 2500 HD to compare it too!

Hope this helps


Pic is in my garage. Could not get it to up load to this thread
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