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Thank you for the feedback so far. How can I find out for sure which ones have the 200k mile warranty, and does this just cover the engine or the whole drivetrain?

Also since I saw 'stock' mentioned. Would it be worth it to get a Bully Dog, or similar programmer? How do these 'reprograms' effect the reliability durability?

Also I saw injectors mentioned a few times, do these need to be cleaned regularly or was there just a problem with some of the injectors used during certain periods of build time?

As for the long bed, parking is a nightmare where I work and the long bed crew is just too much truck to take in and park everyday - I've struggled with this decision for a while.

In regard to fuel, I live in south jersey and diesel is about 2.25 right now, which is what super gasoline is running.

Going back to engines, I didn't realize there were different versions of the 6.6 Duramax, is the LB7 the most reliable?

Thanks again for all the info. I'm leaning towards the diesel, but not knowing anything about them I want to make sure I'm well aware of what I'm in for, and what I'll need to do to keep it running.

One of the mechanics I work with has an '02 2500HD with an 8.1, it is a sweetheart of an engine, it pulls good, revs good and gets fair mileage, that said, I have to tell you that as much as I love big blocks, (454, 8.1, 460, cadillac 472 or 500 or the dodge v-10, not the ford spark plug spitting out v-10 though), I will never go back to gas for my main puller, (unless they start turbocharging big blocks and find a way to keep the detonation down!!!) you just can't beat the new diesels, they have incredible torque plus they pull like mad clear up to their redline, which at about 3000 is not as cool as a well built big block that goes to 6500, but they do it easier than a big block, with a much better life expectancy thanks to their lower redline and better design,
we have raced our trucks and he couldn't beat my LLY, so he will get his [email protected]@ kicked by my LBZ once I get it broken in!!
so if you decide to go diesel remember that the '07 classic LBZ D-max and I think the '06 LBZ TOO, have a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty now, that means the whole powertrain not just the engine, which was a big part of my decision to trade in the '05 for the '07, of course the better power and mileage made the deal for me!!
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