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I would say diesel if you are going to do any serious towing and plan on having the truck several years. The D Max/Allison combo is unbelievable when towing and GM has the most comfortable cab on the road. Diesel engines really only need two things. Clean air and fuel. I know several drivers that tow for a living that have 250K plus on their D Max. Aside from the problems mentioned above they love 'em. On the 06 the injectors are more accessable so maintenance cost should be greatly reduced over previous models. My 06 has 66K on it without problems.
I would suggest that you consider a long wheelbase if you are going to pull a fifth wheel. The ride is better loaded and empty and you don't have to worry about the nose of that trailer coming through your back glass while backing and turning. Happened to a friend of mine,twice.
IMHO, if your going to tow, diesel is the best choice.
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