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Before my head gasket job I just finished all my injector rates were 2 or less, now two of them are 4 and 3.8 the others are still near 2 (in park and in gear). Did I just get crap in them, they are still in spec, are they going to wipe out soon, is there anything I can do about it, after it is warm they all fall back to ~2.
First of all, congrats on doing the HG job yourself. It's always a good feeling when she fires back up. :thumb

The injectors tend to get contaminated when doing LB7 head gaskets, and that's why many people have injector issues soon after. But don't let that stress you out, your bad rates are when the truck is cold so that could just be the different compression you have with the good gaskets too. Remember that rates change with compression change. If your concerned with the possibility of contaminated injectors you can always do the DIY injector cleaning process.

The hard part is done, now don't watch the balance rates so close until you see signs of failure, Enjoy the truck while you can!
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