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Air intake systems consistently rank among the top-selling aftermarket accessories on the market. AMSOIL offers more than 150 Injen/AMSOIL Gasoline and Diesel Air Intake Systems, presenting excellent add-on sales opportunities for AMSOIL Dealers.

Cold air intake systems serve several important functions.
Primarily, they are used to increase the amount of oxygen available to the engine, increasing power. Because cool air has greater density than hot air, aftermarket intakes improve combustion of fuel by capturing cooler air from outside the engine compartment.

In addition, an aftermarket air intake system increases the diameter of the intake as compared to the original equipment, increasing air fl ow into the engine and making more oxygen available during the combustion process. By designing a more direct route for the air entering the engine, as well as a smoother interior surface for the intake, air resistance is reduced and air flow is increased.

Air intake systems can improve gas mileage and increase performance, and they also add a sleek, custom look to a vehicle.

AMSOIL Ea Air Filters

All Injen/AMSOIL systems feature AMSOIL Ea Air Filters (EaA), offering state-of-the-art fi ltration efficiency while providing excellent protection and air flow. The cleanable and reusable Ea filter element, with routine maintenance, provides longer filter life for substantial cost savings when compared to conventional filters. Some systems also feature removable pre-filters, which remove larger dirt particles and extend the lives of the Ea Air Filters.

Quality Construction

Injen/AMSOIL Air Intake Systems are manufactured with aerospace alloy T6 aluminum, stainless steel clamps and tig-welded ports and brackets. They are dyno-tuned for peak performance and have a direct bolt-in application, making installation quick and easy.​

Two new models available for the Chevy Duramax:

2004 - 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 6.6L V8 Diesel (LLY)
Injen/AMSOIL Part Number: PF7074P
Horsepower Gains: +13
Torque Gains: +32

2007 1/2 - 2009 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 Duramax
Diesel V8, 6.6L (LMM)
Part Number: PF7076P

Horsepower Gains: + 17
Torque Gains: +30

Injen/AMSOIL intakes are also availabe for 05-06 LLYs, Ford, Dodge diesels and many gasoline applications.

If you would like more information about these or any other AMSOIL products contact myself, bigdaddydiesel or chevy*tough
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