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So ive wrecked my truck. Im planning on buying back from insurance to swap all my stuff onto another truck.
My first thought is swapping my leather into a vehicle with cloth of the same years. (07-10).
I could buy a gasser and swap my diesel over🤔🤑😭. Could be alot cheaper.
Ive found many higher mile dmaxes that are pretty clean on the outside in the 20k range.
Id probably have to ad the rear slide window and circuit. Heated seat circuits. Anything i wanna keep from the ltz vs lt.

Id love to hear some thoughts about swapping over. I would have every necessary part in my wrecked vehicle. It should all bolt on and be plug and play right.

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you would think so but many things have to be flashed into the BCM because that part was not activated at the factory because it was not installed.

This applies to individual head units for the radio/gps, the slide window heated seats, etc.

Some things will swap over, lie the steering wheel radio controls if the truck you buy is not a Work Truck. The WT harnesses did not include things like radio controls. Even after swapping the harnesses you will have to have the system activated at a dealer.

All you can do is swap them over and see what works and what doesnt, then have the dealer active those that don't work. Your DIC will work but the LTZ has it in a different location than the LT and the dash is different. I suppose you could swap over the LTZ dash as well.

and if you are going to all that work Id consider crossing over your Fog Lights from the LTZ as well.
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