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is it possible?

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is it possible to have my hypertech programmer set at 90hp for one of the settings on the switch? or do you think that i could get 23mpg with just the efi live? I'm not too familiar with the dsp5 switch or whatever its called but if i'm correct the 1st setting is the stock setting? i want to have my stock be my hypertech max setting because of mileage.


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Is that hand calculated mpg or from the DIC?
with efi you can have any settings you want.
^^^yep skys the limit
you could download the hypertech program from your computer then use it as one of your settings on your dsp 5 yes...however a good efi tuner could get you a much better mpg tune then that.
thats hand. 55mph highway with easy acceleration.
Well thats pretty good but like said above a good EFI live tuner can match that more then likely. Be careful about using a programer for tunes some may consider that stealing.
what do you mean stealing? i'm gonna program my computer to have the hypertech 90 horse as the "stock" setting. now would i have 4 other tunes i could pick from with the switch if that is set as 1? or is there a way to download what the hypertech settings are at and kinda change some stuff up a bit like modify the hypertech tune some.
probably considered stealing because you are copying their software onto a computer?
Having the Hyertech as your stock tune and downloading it and using it on your EFI Live tune would be considered stealing if you sold the hypertech tuner after you have EFI Live.
Most all tuning is probably illegal(when on puplic roads), but personally, I think when someone buys from hypertec, hypertec is the one stealing. I wouldn't give a hypertec away.
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