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Have been dealing with some issues since the LBZ swap into my 2003, and more activity recently.... Have had a p0522 since the swap, and have recently changed out the sensor and the connector, with no change. Also had fuel supply problems with a sudden drop in rail pressure, hopefully the lift pump will take care of that.. Last week I had a P0652 pop up a couple of different times, along with a message in the DIC that flashed "engine overheating" and coolant hot, after starting the truck and running for less than 10 seconds.....overheating message happened a few times while restarting, then unplugged the oil pressure sensor (due to the p0522) and then the message went away and drove home 30 miles.

have checked everything i can see, still trying to come up to speed enough with EFILive for it to be helpful for me with PIDs and such, and finally broke down and took the truck to the dealer for their version of diagnostics. They performed the sensor tests for the P0652 condition, got good voltage with all sensors in line, found no broken, chaffed wiring in the harness and the only conclusion was the the returning voltage to the ECM could not be seen. So 5 volts is being delivered, but unknown what the ECM is seeing back and hence they believe, the P0652 and the recommendation to replace the ECM.

I have long periods of time where the truck runs just fine as well. Don't just want to throw sensors/ECM at it and hope for the best. Would the the ECM prevent the oil pressure sensor from reading a value ? Does a really intermittent P0652 (only twice in a year now) justify an ECM replacement if sensors pass tests and nothing else is suspect ? Anyone experience similar conditions ?


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