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Is it worth it?

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I want to add a lift pump and shim the FPRV valve? will the mods add any power gains?
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They will not give you a power gain. But you will be able to take full advantage of the tunes you run. That will make it feel like you are increasing power though.
Yes, you will notice a power difference in the mid/higher settings as you will actually be supplying the fuel the tunes are calling for.
I didn't notice a power difference yet, but my truck doesn't cut out like it used to at WOT. I bought a PPP lift pump and shim kit from Nate at performancetruckproducts. So far I'm happy with it.
I've said it before, in my opinion it's always a great thing to have, but you'll never take full advantage of it on a stock tranny. My thoughts are that you shouldn't NEED one until you build your tranny. Because it's plenty easy to grenade your tranny without one.
And I wouldn't bother with the shim until you start having problems.
Alight thanks for the info, yeah the truck feels slugish when i shift into fifth...Yesterday a stock lbz 4wd with flaskpack chip set on performance 6sp lept upwith me pretty good, i we called it a tie. I need ya's opinion, i have a lmm MP and im putting a airdog lift pump on. will the MP help? and what do i need to install it?
ok all youll have to do to install the mp is cut your intake tube and make sure u measure 2 cut once
it wont do any hp gains just it will supply the right amout of fuel the motor wants
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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