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I've searched and need info PLEASE

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Im putting my ducks in a row here on making changes to my truck. EFI, exhaust, EGR block, PCP, ect. One thing for sure is Im going to build my tranny before I do this (when I do this). The shop that I have spoke with about doing all this work told me that if I do a transgo jr and a torque converter that I would be pretty well covered in the tranny area. Ive seen threw some of the post to just go a head and do a complete rebuild, the clutches are gonna slip depending on what kinda of power you put to them so on and so on.. SO

Im not building a 500hp truck (if I get one :D) Im looking to have a hot tune but nothing like 500hp. More of a daily drive with a little more power and a whole lot better MPGs

That being said would a jr and a torque converter do the job for me? Or do yall suggest doing something different?

Thanks for the info. :drink
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Depends on your right foot.
Aw the famous Mike L. I have seen your name in a lot of post about tranny info. Im glad to see your reply and have heard that also. So this could be all I would need? Hate to do something twice. I need my DL for work more than I need to show off how fast my truck is. :rof
COULD is the key word. I know of a certain someone running BIG numbers on a semi stock trans but he has other things done to compensate and doesn't recommend it to any one. For under 400 rwhp you should be fine with a transgo i would think. As long as you don't beat on it to much. But listen to mike L. he is the expert!

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