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Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well.

This is my first time posting and this is also my first diesel so I have a quite a few questions, not in a rush as I don't have the truck on the road but I don't like uncertainties so I thought I would post some questions to help ease my mind.

2002 gmc sierra 2500hd extended cab long box slt. Federal emissions truck.

I'll leave a short list, feel free to answer if you have time.

1. What is the average cranking time on a cold start? Usually 2-3 seconds for mine which doesn't seem bad.

2. I was reading somewhere that the glow plug/intake heater relays act as backup memory for the injector positions/rates as well as the ficm. Does that sound correct? And if so, what symptoms might I see if those relays are not working properly? The only code I have is P0380.

3. How long after an injector swap should it take for excess smoke to burn off? I get a light white/blue smoke after the truck reaches operating temperature but nothing when cold. The truck hasn't been driven yet and I can only let it idle until the previous owner is back in town to sign it over to me. It seems to be getting better the more I run it but don't feel it's good for the injector nozzles to only idle. I'm hoping the smoke is from excess fuel trapped in the exhaust and burning off when it gets hot enough.

4. Fuel line size, I was able to find the rubber fuel line size for the engine valley but was wondering if anyone would know what type/size of metal tubing from the tank to the motor for the feed and return. If I can find it and bend it myself for cheaper than buying pre-bent I would prefer that.

5. How do I check fuel rail pressure? I can get my balance rates and calculated fuel rate from my dashcommand app but not fuel rail pressure and I have tried multiple apps.

6. After an injector swap, does the ecm need to be reprogrammed to reset the balance rates or just plug and play?

I have lots of other questions but don't want to make this post any longer than it is already. I got the truck a couple months ago from a friend father in-law for $2000 which sounded like a sweet deal to me which is the only reason I got it. Didn't think I would fall in love with the damn thing so much but I now it's basically all I think about... It was sitting for about 3 years after the previous owner found fuel in the oil and didn't want to buy injectors.

I took it apart as soon as I got it home and found that the injector return line seals were leaking and replaced them. Not gaining oil anymore but and it sounds really good, motor doesn't shake at all.

I just pumped out the old diesel and disassembled/cleaned the fuel sending unit and filled up with fresh diesel and some diesel kleen. I repainted the frame and replaced all of the brake lines so I figured I would clean up the sending unit while I had the box off.

I plan on getting new injectors and putting time and money into the truck seeing as I only paid 2k and can use the money I saved if I bought one for the price they are normally listed for ( 10k-16k where I live) on new parts.

Injectors, lift pump and a tech 2 are definitely on the list but it will take some time before I can afford all of that.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for taking the time to read. Any other advice not related to my questions is more than welcome 🙂. Thanks guys, take care.

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