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Just changed my fuel injectors

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I just changes my fuel injectors, having a problem with fuel in my oil. Is there any common areas that people make mistakes which would cause this? The fuel injectors are rebuilt. Everything came apart OK and went back together pretty easy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Did you replace all of the gaskets on your fuel return lines and o-rings are for certain on the high pressure side of the injectors? Did you clean all of the rust and crap off of the fuel lines before putting back on the new injectors?Everything torqued correctly? Those are about tho only places you will leak fuel. Did you have fuel in your oil prior and did you change it immediately after and now it is making oil again?
Yes, all new gaskets and o-rings. I didn't see any build up on the injector lines. I was not having a problem with fuel in my oil. Just smoking at a idle. Change the injectors smoking has stop, but getting fuel in my oil. My have cut an o-ring, but hard to believe, everything went on by hand with no problems.
just changed all my injectors ! Truck won't stay running . How do you get all the air out of the system im guessing thats what it is .
You said rebuilt injectors. Whose did you use? I've seen some so called reman come through the shop that had the check ball in the body blown out. Everyone I've seen came from the same rebuilder.
I had a buddie cycle the ignition while I pump the primer. Took a few minutes.
Pensacola Diesel, truck runs fine. Slowly leaks fuel into the oil.
Welcome to the World of Crappy Pensacola injectors:drink

Tear it back apart, and find which one is leaking and send it back to them. There is a guy on another forum that had to tear his back apart 3 or 4 times before he just gave up on them and bought Gm Green Dot "Bosch reman".
Yeah...I havent heard anything good about Pensacola diesel...
Before you tear them out make sure you had all the return lines tight!!

(Don't ask how I learned this....!)
I would see if a diesel shop could find out which one might be bad by checking the balance rates before taking it apart.
I just put 60% over stock injectors in my 03 in it idleing fine no smoke but i have noticed a little bit of a noise but it goes away as you speed up. Also since injector install it can be idleing and will have a engine over boost code, i can clear it in drive it does fine shut truck off start it in code will come back. Any suggestions
another week another thread turning into flaming Pensacola diesel
Well there are some small brass tips on the ends of the injectors,I dunno what they are called,but if you drop em off the injectors when you remove them,you gotta fish them outta where the injector hole is.....OK,IF YOU DO NOT CLEAN the crap out of the injector holes or you drop debris in the injectors will fail prematurely!!Make sure you clean them really well as 2 diesel mechanics told me replacing injectors ain't shit but LOTS of people overlook this and there injectors go out early,or they blame the parts.Best thing is to get all that out with a shop vac or take the wife's vacuum and use,anything but replacing injectors again due to debris clogging them....Even a tiny bit of gunk will kill a injector easily.....just a thought,hopefully you'll get it corrected......
Before you tear them out make sure you had all the return lines tight!!

(Don't ask how I learned this....!)
that too!!
"Well there are some small brass tips on the ends of the injectors,I dunno what they are called......"
I never heard or seen this "Brass tip"......They have a copper washer that they seal against, but it does not matter if it drops off, you just have to get it out of the cup before putting the new one in.
If one of the fuel lines has rust on it is it possible for it to leak under pressure, but not lose the prime when shutdown?
Yes that is possible.

Are you getting fuel in your oil?
yes, about a quart per 25 miles. I have the fuel lines removed and one was pretty rusty. Not for sure if i need to check the return line also.
The return lines should be fine.

It is common for the injector lines to have rust inside them, and I do not believe they are leaking for you. The fuel pressure goes as high as 25,000 psi and if the lines were rusted through I believe they would be leaking a lot more than a quart every 25 miles.

I believe you have bad injectors causing the leak, which is a very common symptom of bad injectors.
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