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Just loaded my tunes and truck is acting weird.

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So I got my 5 tunes from Rob yesterday and my switch. I have not installed my dsp 5 yet so im running on my mod stock tune only. I got rob to turn my egr off in tunes but wont be able to put blocker plate in until wednesday. The problem is when im at a stoplight etc in drive and truck at idle it starts shaking my floor boards like hell and almost like motor is pulsing. Truck makes a loping sound almost. If i put it in park while its doing this it goes right away and smooths put and when I accelerate it smooths out and goes away. Is this from egr turned off and me not having blocker plate in? I hope thats all it is. Also stock mod tune smokes pretty damn hard if I get on it hard im not complaning cause I like a little smoke. Is it normsl though? Im new to all this diesel stuff. I cant say enough about Rob and Dustin. Customer service at its best. Dustin has helped me a ton and id hire that guy in a second. I wish my employes treated all my customers half as good as they have me. Thanks again

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weird. my truck smoked a shit load before i put my blocker plate in on my 100hp tune and now it doesnt at all after the install. this normal? sorry for thread jacking
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