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Hey guys,

Just moved to Meridian ID for 4 months to attend the 15 week Electrical Lineworker program at North West Lineman College. Im pretty stoked to be out in this area, as it been 10 plus years since my last visit. Now that I am here for an extended period of time, I am interested in exploring what Meridian/Boise has to offer.

I enjoy being outside, I was a river guide back home so I am pretty accustomed to rafting/canoeing/kayaking. I didn't bring a bike but Ill be scouring CL for a cheapish one to use while I am out here.

So….what else is there to do? I know Dustin and the guys at ATP trucks are just down the road and Ill certainly be swinging in to check out the shop, but what else would you guys recommend as must see/do's while I am out here?


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