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Well the ol German milk cow just rolled over 100K and out of warranty, so my new warranty starts with some deleting and replacing with performance parts. I've done deletes on the 6.7 cummins and familiar with how that is done but i'm not 100% on the LML duramax.

Things I know I need;
Exhaust - Gonna go with a flo-pro 4"
Downpipe - Probably the MBRP
Programmer - EFIlive - Corey Willis tunes
EGR delete - sinister?

What I am wondering is if I need a new passenger side exhaust manifold? As well as I'd like to clean up the engine bay and completely remove the EGR system. What I don't know is if this is done with just blocker plates or do you have to have all new intake manifold ect.? Wanting to go fairly cheap as I want to wait it out and buy a new duramax when the release the next version.
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