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So new here to the forum and duramax world. Just purchased a 2003, all stock. Now I need help. I know there are other posts on here and i could have searched but I have a few questions.

For starters, EFIlive, I have read about it and everything and that you custom tune yourself or use others tunes but how hard is it to use or get familiar with? I have an edge attitude juice, whatever. I don't know how to tell its quality but as far as I can tell its okay. It smokes a little at low boost or getting on it for a second. but on extreme setting im pretty sure my transmission is not liking it. So how will EFI live do on a stock transmission?

2nd, with the edge chip on level 5 (extreme) I raced a stock 07 6.7 megacab cummins and he beat that just because of the technology of newer engines (more horsepower, more torque, etc) or could something be hindering my truck?

Only thing I have done to it as of right now is muffler delete on stock exhaust so its straight all the way back and the edge chip.

Could someone point me in the right direction of suncoast, or anything else to do with building the transmission? Do I need a new torque converter also? I am not sure on which level of the gmax, or built tranny mods to go with, any help would be awesome! Thanks all!

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Welcome to DF. While the Edge will give you good power, getting your truck custom tuned with EFI is a far improvement over that. Can't say why the Cummins beat you; anything is possible. As far as tranny's go the suncoast upgrade is good. Whatever you decide to go with (PPE, Suncoast, etc) get a new converter too. They are a fail point.

If I can help with anything, please let me know.
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