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JWC's - LML Silverado Thread -

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Hey everyone,

figured i would make a thread showing the progress of my truck since day one.

:D Current Picture Of The Truck :D

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Table Of Contents, For The Truck:

Brand New 2012 LTZ 2500HD CCSB LML
New Tires and Leveling Keys + Extenders
Leveled and Looking Good
DDM Tuning HID Install
Cognito UCA Installation
Rancho RS5417 Steering Stabilizer
Cognito Pitman / Idler Arm Kit
New Wheels / Tires / Lift
New Exhaust / Tuner / Edge CTS
295/60/20s and Fox Shocks- Sold
NEW Nfab Side Steps / DEF Tank Removal
S&B Intake + Scoop + Filter Wrap
De-badged Tailgate and Doors
Nicktane Cat Adapter and FF Install
Lowering a Lifted Truck
New FOX Shocks
Removed DEF Fill Tube + Detailed under the Hood & Inner Fenders
Wired Factory Fogs Back IN + Removed Lowest Valance
Resonator Delete
Cognito UCA Balljoint Replacement
Dual Steering Stabilizer Setup
FFR Fabrication Heim Joint Tie Rods
EDGE Pyro Install
Fixed The Fuel Cap
Added Security For The Tailgate
Tearing The Front Suspension Down
Painting the CV Axle
Painting the Dual Gauge Pod Pillar
Finishing the Front Suspension
Edge CTS Pod Adapter - Scrapped Idea
Broken ABS Wire - My Fault
ISSPRO EV2 Boost + Pyro Gauges Installed
Goose2448 vs J W C GMC1985 @ The Light
Reinserting Blank Overhead Panel
Re-doing the FFR Tie Rod Spindle Stud
Re-doing the Torsion Bar Brackets and Painting/Undercoating A Few Things
Front Suspension Photos After Completion - The 2nd Time
Cranking the Keys a Little - Creating New Jounce Stop Gap's
2" Tapered Blocks are Here
Plasti Dipped The Front Bowtie
Breaking Down Cognito UCA's To Sell
Cleaning The S&B Filter + Filter Wrap
Finished With The Cognito UCA's, Ready To Ship
5202 LED Amber Bulbs in Fog Lights
Amsoil Oil Change + New Oil Pressure Sensors + No Spill Added
Oil Filter Magnet Installed
EFI Live Installed
Checking Ground Clearance for the No Spill Drain
Konahoss vs J W C / MotorOps 150 vs Kory Wills 200
Weighed The Truck Finally - Cat Scale
Torsion Bar/Key Discussion
Trimming Some Inner Fender Plastic - Adding Fasteners
KonaHoss vs J W C / Kory Willis 200 vs Kory Willis 200 - Rematch
KonaHoss vs J W C @ the HMP 1/8 Mile Track - Time Slips @ The End Of The Video
Installing the FASS 150 Lift Pump
Fass 150 Video - Key On - Truck Off (not loud)
Simple License Plate Bracket 4 A Friend - December 2013
Brand New Pitman / Idler Arms Arrived
Dropping The Front Diff - Part 1 of 2 -
DRP Downpipe Is In From Cayenne
Dropping The Front Diff - Part 2 of 2 -
Removing Diff brackets, Dual Stabilizer Kit, Cognito Supports, Idler Arm + Assembly, Sway Bar
Replacing The Front Diff Seal - Part 1 of 2 -
Replacing The Front Diff Seal - Part 2 of 2 -
Getting The Stock Spindles Back From Powdercoat
Painting The Front Passenger Side Axle Housing & Axle
Painting The Two Large Front Diff Brackets
Installing The Axle Into The Front Diff Axle Housing
Painting The New Lower Control Arms
Breaking Down The Centerlink FINALLY!
Got The Steering Pieces Back From Powdercoating!
Painting The Pitman & Idler Arm/Assembly
Damaged the FFR tubes nono /scuffed/primed-painted\cleared\
Removed The Steering Box - To Make It Prettier
Removed The front Driveshaft
Removing The 7.5" Rough Country Lift Kit
Returning The Truck Back To Stock Height

Installing A New Driver Side ABS Wire
Removing The Original Pitman Arm From The Steering Box
Painting The Torsion Bar Adjuster Blocks
Setting The Torsion Load - Truck Is On Its Own Weight Now
Installing The Two Large Front Diff Brackets
Installing The Idler Arm / Idler Assembly (temporary)
Cleaning The FFR Rod Ends
Cleaning & Painting The Front Driveshaft
Installing New Pitman Arm + Installing The Steering Box
Cleaning The Cognito PISK Heim Joints
Installing The PISK Kit + Centerlink + Hooking The Gear Box Lines Up
Installing The FFR Fabrication Tie Rods
Installing The Bilstein 5100 Shocks Up Front + Hooking Up The ABS Wires
******* Style Repair On A CV Shaft Boot - Plus Paint Preparation
Front Differential Re-Assembly
Bolting Up The Front Diff / Installing Front Driveshaft
Installing Front Diff Crossmember
Removing The Grill Shell + Hood Trim (to get painted)
Installing The Steering Shaft to Gearbox Bolt - FINALLY FOUND IT!
Removing The Front Bumper + Plastics (to get painted)
Installing The Torsion Bar Adjuster Bolts
Installing The CV Axle's
Painting The Front Diff Cover - Using Stainless Socket Head Bolts
Adding Amsoil Gear Oil To The Front Differential
Removing The Front Fenders, To Modify & to Paint
Removing The Rear Bumper Ends, To Paint
Installing The 2" McGaughy's Drop Shackles / Removing The Sulastics
Painted The Sway Bar End Links, New From GM
Installing The New GM Sway Bar End Links / Painted The Sway Bar & Installed
Installing The New Reverse Light Bulbs / License Plate Bulbs - From Diode Dynamics!!
Installing The New Painted Bumper Caps For The Rear - From Ebay
Installing The New Painted Front End + ELF Modded Fenders!!!
Installing The New Plastic Skid Plate Up Front
ELF MOD Is Complete, Truck Was Aligned
Installing The New 4300K HID Kit From Diode Dynamics - For Z Gray Gasser
Installing Some Custom Brackets to Hold The Brake Line and ABS Wire
Installing An Ebay Exhaust Tip - Axle Dump Performed
Installing A Set Of LED Tail Lights
Painting And Installing A New Driver Side CV Shaft
Repairing An H11 Pigtail On The Driver Side
Installing The 6000K HID Kit From Diode Dynamics
New 22" Fuel Mavericks Have Arrived
New Hood Emblems Installed From TruckEmblemWarehouse . Com
!!! 37x13.5R22 On A Lower Than Stock Front End With 2" Drop Shackles !!!
Raising The Front End Back To Stock Height & Trimming The Valance
Installing The New 12" "BIG STICK" Antenna From All Sales
Installing The OEM Front Diff Skid Plate
Installing The New Allison Spin On Filter Guard From Merchant Automotive
Installing Bilstein 5100 Shocks Out Back Courtesy Of
Changing Out The Rear Diff Fluid With Amsoil
Performing The 3rd Oil Change (2nd Oil Change With Amsoil) @ 35,332 Miles
Performing The 2nd CAT Fuel Filter Change @ 51,713 Miles
New 35x12.5R22 Nitto Trail Grapplers Installed @ Discount Tire
New Inner Fender Liners Up Front
New HEIM Joints Installed Just Because
New FASS FF And Separator Change
Early Morning Mirror Slap With Someone Else :(
NEW Ebay Silverado Mirrors Installed :)
NEW Trailer Brake Relay Installed
NEW Bilstein 5100's Installed
Changed Everything Back To Chrome Up Front & Out Back
Changed The Trans Fluid (Pan Only) Plus The Spin On Filter
Changed The Transfer Case Fluid
Installed A DRP Fuel Sump + Installed New Fuel Filters @ 109,000 Miles
Cylinder #1 Glow Plug Replacement
New 24x12 Cali Offroad RAWKON Wheels & 305/35R24 Nitto Terra Grapplers
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sub a dub dub.....
ouuu..... Texans have lots of money !!! should be good !!

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So we begin with a brand new 2012 Silverado 2500HD CCSB 4x4 LTZ, with all the options but cab lights :cookoo[1]:

truck was bought right after Christmas 2011

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Truck

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Luxury vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Pickup truck

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Pickup truck

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Car seat cover Car seat
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well that lasted only about 230 miles, so i dropped the truck off @ Gas Pedal Industries in Houston and after changing out the stock keys to aftermarket keys, installing shock extenders, and getting it aligned, i was ready for bigger tires

Once i was done @ Gas Pedal i took it to a friend @ Discount Tire and traded my 265/60/20 Good years in and put some $$$ down on the 295/60/20 Trail Grapplers

the leveling keys were made by Pro Comp, and they were PN# 4327

Font Number Symbol Metal

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Auto part Synthetic rubber
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Ehhh did you see who posted above you?

I kid I kid
pictures of the truck once the tires and keys were all done being installed

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Tire Motor vehicle

Tire Alloy wheel Automotive tire Wheel Rim

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Tire Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Tire

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Rim Alloy wheel
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well of course i wanted to brighter headlights, so i went on DDM's website and ordered the following:

QTY Item Information Item Number Price
1 Raptor HID Kit, 35W, H11, 6000K
Bulb Color: 6000K
Bulb Type: H11
Wattage: 35W RAP35W.H11.6000K $30.00
1 DDM HID Kit, 35W, H16, 6000K
Bulb Color: 6000K
Bulb Type: H16/5202/9009 (+$10.00)
Wattage: 35 Watt DDM35W.H16.6000K $50.00

Subtotal: $80.00
Shipping: $16.22
Sales Tax: $0.00

Total: $96.22

and ended up with nice bright lights :thumb

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Tire
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and as most people know,

i didn't like the ride of being cranked, so i bought some Cognito UCA's to help with the bad ball joint angle

Auto part Fuel line Suspension part Suspension Pipe

Auto part Suspension part Suspension Engine Vehicle

Auto part Suspension Suspension part Vehicle Automotive exterior

Tire Auto part Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior

Auto part Vehicle Automotive exterior Suspension Bumper
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well then of course i noticed the steering..... jjjjuuusssstttttt wasn't as tight as id like it to be

so i bought a $50 Rancho steering stabilizer, PN# RS5417 and installed it

my truck did not come with a steering stabilizer from the dealer/factory

Suspension part Shock absorber Auto part Suspension Tool accessory

the Rancho next to a Monroe that i had i bought previously *i still have it and its always for sale (Monroe) (it has an eye end on the body, and an integrated tapered stud without a nut on the shaft side)
Auto part
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huuurrryyyy moar pics!
well well like most people have experienced

seems like the steering wasnt tight at all. I daily drive a half ton, and when you drive a half ton with perfect steering, and drive a 3/4 with all the mods on it, you get pissed :)

so i added the Cognito Pitman / Idler arm support kit, worth every penny imo

product image
Font Auto part Metal

idler side
Auto part

pitman side
Auto part Rust Pipe

and since i was still running the Rancho RS5417 steering stabilizer, i needed to drop it down below the OEM frame mount so when the ptiman support swung left to right it wouldnt crush the stabilizer body :thumb
Auto part Tire Automotive tire Suspension Fuel line
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well lets fast forward about 7000 miles or so to when it finally got lifted.

I went with the 7.5" Rough country kit
325/50/22 Nitto Terra Grappler's
Fuel Throttles, 22x9.5" +20

Automotive exterior Auto part Vehicle Bumper Automotive design

Alloy wheel Tire Rim Wheel Automotive tire

Tire Automotive tire Formula one tyres Synthetic rubber Tread

Tire Alloy wheel Rim Automotive tire Wheel
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Its about time!
I must say one thing that thing would badass with a set mud terrains on it!!!
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