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Hey all,
Just sharing my positive experience with Kennedy Diesel. I have a 2013 Sierra with 197,000 miles on it. I had some issues with the DEF system that I spent a pile of $$ to have fixed, and shortly after that I was getting a NOX MIL and the truck was in and out of limp mode for emissions issues. To top it off, one of the codes was EGR related and I was concerned the truck would leave me stranded, and or cost a fortune to repair. This truck is my daily driver, and we tow a 7000-8000lb travel trailer on a regular basis, with one way towing trips of 4-8 hours. I need this truck to be reliable, clean, and quiet.

After doing some research on tunes, and talking with some of the vendors, I was struggling with finding the time to delete the EGR system, and deciding with exhaust system would be the least obnoxious. I'm in Wisconsin, and so is Kennedy Diesel, so I reached out to John regarding his tunes because it is nice to have local support. It turns out he offers a "limited emissions" tune that keeps the DPF, but disables the EGR and DEF system. This translates to no limp mode for DEF or NOX, no black smoke, no droning exhaust, and no diesel smell either.

I purchased a EFI Live Tune on an Autocal, installed it in just a few minutes time, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The MIL is out, the dead pedal is improved, mileage is up 2-4mpg, and the truck has a bit of extra go as well. All of the wiring, hardware, and connections are in place on the truck. At the same time I installed a CTS-2 monitor, and the first regen was at 834miles. I have about 1600 miles on the tune, of which, 400 are towing miles. I have seen as high as 21.7mpg for a short trip, and the last tank was 18.9mpg with a lot of 75mph+ on the highway. Prior to the tune, I would have seen closer to 17mpg and I had never seen over 20mpg.
I'm sure there are some disadvantages to leaving all of the hardware intact, but for now it is working great.
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