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I have spent the last 2 hours reading about every thread on every forum that has talked about similar issues or the same issue I am having. I still am not 100 percent clear and wanted to start a thread to help me and any others that face this problem.

Vehicle is a 2009 GMC Duramax

Last night was doing some work on the center console area of my truck and when I went to lock it to go inside I noticed the remotes were not working. The range has been sucking for a long time on both remotes. However I just figured they would work this morning, however they did not and I noticed when I started my truck that the TPMS system also was not working. This has had intermittent issues for a while where one tire wont read or another, but never to the point that all of them wont show up and a service TPMS system came up.

From what I have read I believe that the RCDLR (REMOTE CONTROL DOOR LOCK RECEIVER) must be bad and needs to be replaced which is located on the driver side C pillar. I am wondering if this part needs to be programmed and if this sounds like it is the problem. I do not have a TECH2 scanner however I do have EVILIVE and ran for troubled codes and nothing came up so still assuming that is the issue.

I do not believe I did anything while working on the center console area but naturally I am wanting to assure there is not anything I did but from what I can see all the wires for these systems run on the sides of the truck and not up the middle, although I have to keep an open mind so adding those details. I was running a few pairs of rcas up the center console for what it is worth.

Any help will be much appreciated.
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