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I have a 2006 Kodiak that I upgraded the headlights on, for a decent price and they are the best upgrade I've done to this vehicle so far.

Fairly easy to install, they even came with extra wire leads for what I found to be priceless during the install.
I hooked them up without the adapters and they didn't work, so using the extra wire leads enables you to reverse the polarity from the led to the vehicle connection, best headlights ever.
A couple of days go by and while pumping fuel, I noticed the running lights start to fluctuate, barely noticeable, but in a couple of days I didn't have running lights at all..

So far: I've found and checked the fuse , not blown.

Replaced the headlight switch, no difference.

Has anyone else had this issue? I've searched every forum but haven't found anything like this yet.

Btw, Turn signals, brake lights, marker lights all work, just the taillights/ running lights.

There's an option to hook up the DRL ,which I haven't done, could that be the issue? Means pulling power from another constant source.

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