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bought a used 07 classic lbz,68,000 miles. was getting crappy mileage 12-14 hwy,6-8 towing.
was told to use diesel kleen gray bottle in fuel to clean out all the stuff from the system.
i was told to hot dose the first 2 tanks(2oz. per 3 gal) then regular dose(1 oz per 3 gal) for all other fill ups.
this $hit works!!!
now up to 18 mpg hwy 12-13 towing.
only mods i have are a K&N conical air filter.
i am impressed with this stuff and its available just about anywhere.
also took all mileage, mpg readings, compared the gps to the trucks onboard computer with stock tires they were very close!!! another surprise

the power is amazing in these trucks!
i am so happy!
will aftermarket exhaust and programmer make that much of a difference in the numbers?
if i drop the hammer from a rolling start thing just flies,

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I saw more of a mpg differance with and exhaust and programmer than I did with Diesel Kleen... ;)
+1 Will get more results w/ the programmer and exhaust :):):)
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