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Duplicate post for the correct section.

Was installing some step rails and the instructions werent for a L5P. You need to drop the def tank. Searched all over the forums and couldnt find any threads about how. It ended up being harder for me then it should have so i snapped a pic of how to remove the tank.

Remove the outside cover (four bolts) and the bolts that attach the def fluid tank skid plate to the frame (three bolts). Remove the tank straps (one bolt on each).

Now the tank is held up by two L shaped brackets with two studs on each protruding though the frameand two nuts inside of the frame rail. Access these nuts through holes on the inner side of the frame rail. These are a bitch to get to. I used different lengths of extensions to get them out, 1", 3", and two 6" extensions. YOU DONT HAVE TO COMPLETELY REMOVE THESE BOLTS. Just loosen them, maybe 5 full turns, push forward on the def tank, then pull outboard and it should come off. The pic below shows the four bolt holes that let you slide the tank forward and out.

I hope this helps somebody.

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