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I’m sure there’s a thread started on this but can’t seem to find a decent one. My buddies want me to go to the track with them (all have 13.5-15.0 cars) because they haven’t been before and I have. Instead of bringing my 11 second corvette I was thinking about bringing my duramax and possibly get some fun runs with them. However I don’t know if I’m even close to a 15.0 pass. What do you guys think I would roughly run?

2004 GMC Sierra CCSB with procomp trac bars, fass 100gph lift pump, efi live tune, wcfab Intake and intake horn, ppe boost valve, 5” straight pipe, and will be installing ppe fuel valve. Leveled on 33/12.50 mud terrains and 20x12’s. (Stock tie rods so I’ll most likely make my passes in 2wd.)

I KNOW there are tons of variables like traction, temperature, DA, the tunes I have, etc etc. but just looking for a ballpark estimate. I was guessing 14.8-15.5? Somewhat close? I don’t even know what these run stock, it just feels like a high 14 to low 15 to me.
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