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LB7 - BD Exhaust Brake for sale

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Part #1024118
Serial #41228-7A
Date Purchased: 1-3-05

$875.00 including shipping.

This used BD Exhaust Brake fits a LB7 Duramax. I had ZERO problems with this unit. It is top quality. Everything is included for installation. Installation Manual is included. I originally installed it on my 2004 LB7 Duramax/Allison Extended Cab truck. All wiring and hoses are long enough for a Crew Cab truck. The installation instructions were very easy to understand when I installed the Exhaust Brake. When I took the Exhaust Brake off of the LB7 Duramax, I tried to mark each connection with tape so now the next installation will even be easier for the next installer. I have listed BD’s Website for you to read more about the installation. The installation manual is on their Website.

BD Engine Brake Website:

Look near the center of the Website page and then towards the right, you will find the installation manual icon. Click on that link and fill in the following:
Enter Part Number: TYPE ‘1024118’
Select Product: SELECT ‘Exhaust Brake’
Select Vehicle Make: SELECT ‘GMC’
Enter Vehicle Year: TYPE ‘2004’ NOTE: 2001 – 2004 Duramax LB7 takes the same Exhaust Brake.

BD Engine Brakes enable your Diesel to navigate downhill grades and mountainous terrain easier and safer than using the vehicle's conventional braking system. This unit will increase the life of the stock foundation brakes and also prevent brake fade under severe grade driving. The factory-approved backpressure provides the retarding horsepower to slow down the vehicle on even the steepest descents or just slowing down for a highway off ramp.

The exhaust flow is not restricted when the stainless butterfly is open in the large 4” casting that bolts into the exhaust system.

The kit is complete with a lighted toggle switch for mounting conveniently on the dash. The brake releases as soon as the throttle is applied or the switch is flipped off. As in other BD designs, the backpressure is self-regulating. Once the pressure reaches the Duramax specification, the butterfly position changes to maintain the highest pressure possible. This variable orifice design offers far superior retarding performance throughout the engine RPM range compared to a fixed orifice design that only offers peak retarding performance at peak rpm. Listed for $1,295.00 plus tax and shipping on BD’s Website.

Reason for Selling:
I sold my 2004 LB7 Duramax/Allison truck. This Exhaust Brake bolts to the four-bolt flange of the Turbo Down Pipe. My new LBZ Duramax no longer has that type of exhaust. Originally, I thought I would be able to move the Exhaust Brake from the LB7 Duramax to the LBZ Duramax, however it will not fit.

Using PayPal Invoice Email Payment, it will be a quick and secure way to bill the buyer via email and accept their credit card, bank, or PayPal payment online. Only Paypal will process the payment and I will never see your credit card number.

My Ebay/Paypal Feedback:
I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay. I am a "verified" member of Paypal. My Bank Account is confirmed with Paypal. My Credit Card billing address is confirmed with Paypal. My shipping address is confirmed with Paypal. What I am trying to tell you is that what I represent is correct. You can buy this unit knowing that it is in good shape and everything is included for installation (except tools!).

I am including shipping so I will ship to MAINLAND USA only. If you are outside the MAINLAND USA, email me and we will have to agree on what the additional cost will be for the UPS shipping costs.

Please email if you have any questions. Email address: [email protected]
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Sold!!! :)
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