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Hey everyone new to the forum,

Recently purchased 2nd duramax (04 LB7 with 146k, Cali truck) after owning a lbz previously. Having issues starting. Truck sat for about 4 years in my brothers truck yard but ran great beforehand. Fired right up first day we pulled it out but now seems to have a starting issue. Takes super long to get running. Fuel filter head wouldn’t stay primed so did the rebuild and threw metal bleeder screw in, fuel lines seem to be fine and after a couple pumps the filter head stays firm. Truck is throwing p0380 code. After testing found that 1 glow plug is bad. Also I was getting power to intake heater but no power to glow plug control module. I replaced the relay, also replaced the 175 mega fuse.

Am I missing something here?? Not sure what to go after next, thinking a bad glow plug control module? Would I get a no power reading there if that were the case?

My brother is pretty damn good with these trucks and he thinks I could still possibly be getting an air leak from somewhere but I’ve been doing this throughout the winter so thought maybe due to no plugs and it being cold that was the issue, it’s finally starting to warm up a bit here in MA. Just did full brake job and two new batteries, really want to get this thing going and on the road.

Any tips or info would be of great service! Sorry for the lengthy post just wanted to include all the background info, if you have my suggestions please let me know and thanks I’m advance

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