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So a while back I parked my 2003 2500hd CCLB after having a generous amount of oil come out of my crank case breather tube. I stopped driving it right there and then. Did an oil change and rather than the usual 2.5gal out came 5gallons of really, really thin oil. My first thought was fuel in the oil, I did the paper towel test and sure enough. I got a oil sample kit and sent a sample off to CAT for analysis. The sample came back with trace amounts of coolant. It also stated that their was major fuel dilution, brought down to an SAE 5 weight.

I had bought and installed an injector kit (8 injectors, gaskets, return lines, etc.) from Injectors Direct before learning that they are not very popular on the forums or Facebook, 10k miles ago.

So now I’m looking at doing the head gaskets, doing the injectors AGAIN. What else should I do while I’ve got the engine torn apart/pulled from the truck. Also don’t know much about over % injectors or if I would have a need to buy them, last time I just went with stock %. Not looking to make so crazy over powered drag truck, more refresh the motor and get it back to reliable again. As of right now the motor is pretty stock minus EFI live and a lift pump.

Thanks in advance!
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