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Forgive me, if I placed this thread somewhere it’s not supposed to go I’m new at this and don’t really know how to fill out my signature so I’ll add it here.
2001 Silverado 2500HD CCSB 295k miles
I put an 04 LB7 engine in it 3-4 years ago
New injectors 2 years ago
DuramaxTuner EFI Live Spade King with Trans tuning
PPE Stage V Trans BCBS triple disc
PPE Deep Pan
PPE PTO Covers
PPE Trans Cooler
PPE transfer case brace
Deviant Racing Hydraulic lines for Trans
Airdog 100
CAT filter adapter
4inch Turbo back muffled exhaust
China special Intake
Boost increase valve
glowshift boost & pyro gauge
I have an Edge CS2 it came with the truck I use it for more gauges and it’s on stock.
Drop shackles
Torsion bar screws backed out a little
On 20x10 wheels with a -12 offset wrapped in 305/50r20 Nitto NT420s
Pioneer radio
Cobra 29LTD Classic CB radio(but it hasn’t worked for quite some time.)

So I recently had my transmission built last year in August (Trans completely went out summer of 2018 and it sat for a year) didn’t put it in until mid October and didn’t start to actually drive it around until maybe end of November beginning of December. At first I had some problems because the guy who built it forgot to put a clip in to hold one of the solenoids in the VB. Didn’t exactly make me feel great seeing that because when the shop was building it they asked what the drill bit in the kit was for.(I got the shop from one of these forums who vouched for them) Fixed that and the truck drove great but I didn’t drive it a lot because I couldn’t find my tech2 for the relearn so I had that option on the edge and tried it. I ran the truck on the stock tune and didn’t tune it until I got EFI Live with the Trans tuning. Flashed the truck it shifted smoothly and I was a happy camper but I’ve been having some problems that came up my guess is electrical maybe a ground the truck does have some budget weight reduction (rusted out the rockers cab corners and part of the floor and parts of the bed mainly the wheel wells) but we’ll get to that.

Alright so I was on a service call about 4-4.5 hours away I drove there and checked into a hotel because it was already midnight and I couldn’t access the site until morning. Truck drove fine the entire way there except a hose for my boost gauge blew off so I stopped to put it back on. Other than that it was fine.

Morning came around and I hopped into my truck to go to the site and that’s where my issues started. No indicator on the PRNDL, Speedo was out, ABS, Brake and CEL all popped up. On my edge the windows for my trans temp and what gear im in was blank. Luckily the site was only 2 miles away, however as soon as I put it in drive I heard a horrible clunk and the same happened when I put it in reverse. I limped the truck around the site and for a split second the indicator for the PRNDL came back on for a second but has been gone since. The codes I pulled were U1000, P0700, P1550, P1781,U2106,U2104, B0077(this airbag light was never on I didn’t hit anything and nothing hit me but it came on a few days after I flashed the truck with EFI Live), C0236, and C0237.

I checked a few things already but maybe I might’ve missed something. I unplugged the batteries and removed the TCM harness cleaned it up and checked it to see if there was any cuts or tears and also to see if maybe a wire got pulled out of a connector. Checked fuses, checked only two grounds the one on the driver side firewall and the ground on the driver side frame near parking brake cable, the resistance at the connector for the TCM, and lastly replaced both batteries just now because they were a little weak. No luck, however I started the truck up erased the codes and still have the B0077, C0236, C0237, U1000, P0700, P1781 and U2106. Also before I did any of that I could connect to the trans with my scanner but now there’s no connection.

Not too sure if it’s the NSBU switch because the shop who built my trans already replaced it with the updated one because it still had the old factory one on there with 285k miles on it but it never gave me an issue lol. I’ve already ordered the rear speed sensor and it’s on it’s way.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and if I could I’d like to stay away from the stealer if possible, I work on locomotives so I’m not afraid to get in there.
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