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I have a 2003 lb7 and have recently been plagued with electrical issues. Truck ran perfect until one day i turned it off. Upon restarting ten minutes later, truck showed the following:

no low beam
dome light on all the time during driving with the doors closed
no radio
no gauges
no power windows on either side.
power locks with my remote don't work
no communication between tech2 and my obd port

tested both batteries and all check out. New ignition switch displays same symptoms. All the wires to the ignition switch carry 12v with keyed power including brown accessory wire

gauge cluster checks out fine.

If i remove the ignition switch from the column and turn it one turn, everything works in that run circuit. iF i click it one more notch, all the dash lights illuminate, the radio fires up, the DIC fires up but everything quickly disappears and nothing works.

I should mention the truck starts and runs fine. Just no accessories.

Any ideas? Ive checked relays, power and grounds. All seems fine. Surely this has happened to somebody who may shed some light before I ship it off to the dealership for a hefty bill.

thanks a million

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