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lb7 studder at wide open throttle

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My 03 lb7 studders for a second when it hits 3200rpm. It doesn't do it with a stock tune but ive tried 3 different programmers on it and they all do the same thing. Almost acts like its starving for fuel for a second. Any ideas?
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how high of tunes are you running when this happeneds?
search lb7 shift problems, you'll find a bunch of info, your trucks runnin out of fuel when the rpms get that high.
perhaps a new fuel filter?? cheap trial and error.
chevykid168 hit the nail on the head.

Replace your fuel filter. It's probably getting close to the end of its life. Not restrictive enough to slow fuel flow on the stock tune, but on a bigger tune it's not getting enough fuel at full throttle. The studdering before it shifts is BY FAR the most common symptom of needing a fuel filter.

Get it changed and I bet she'll run like a dream!

We've got an awesome deal on wix/napa fuel filters as well. 2 filters shipped to your door for about $60. Let me know if I can help :)

perhaps a new fuel filter?? cheap trial and error.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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