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Here are the torque specs for the LB7 Duramax engine per factory Gm service manual.
Some of the specs are not included, but these are ones I feel unnecessary to post such as the torque for the hose clamps on the intake. Also, many of the parts are listed as what GM calls them which can be different from what many know them as., I kept things this way so that it could be alphabetical, so if you don’t see what you are looking for it is probably referred to as something else.

All specs will be in lb-ft or lb-in as most of the members on here will use these readings.
I must be really bored but hope this helps.
A/C Compressor Bolt: 37lb-ft
A/C Compressor/ Power Steering Bracket Bolt: 34lb-ft
Camshaft Gear Bolt: 173lb-ft
Camshaft position sensor bolt: 89lb-in
Camshaft Exciter Ring Bolt: 80lb-in
Camshaft Thrust Plate Bolt: 16lb-ft
CAC Mounting Bolt:15lb-ft
Connecting Rod Cap Bolt (Torque-Yeild): 1st step: 47lb-ft, 2nd step:30 Degrees, 3rd Step 30 degrees
Coolant pipe to water pump nuts: 18lb-ft
Cooling Fan Pulley:30lb-ft
Crankshaft Balancer Bolt: 260lb-ft
Crank Bearing Cap Bolts(torque-yeild): 1st step: 72lb-ft, 2nd step: 97lb-ft, 3rd step:30 degrees
Crank Bearing Cap Side Bolts: 58lb-ft
Crank Position Sensor Bolt: 89lb-in
Crank Position Sensor Space bolt:89lb-in
Cylinder Head Bolts (M12) (torque-yeild) For older Crimped Gaskets: 1st step: 37lb-ft, 2nd step: 59lb-ft, 3rd step: 90 degrees, 4th step: 75 degrees
Cylinder Head Bolts (M12) (torque-yeild) For newer Riveted Gaskets: 1st step: 37lb-ft, 2nd step: 59lb-ft, 3rd step: 60 degrees, 4th step: 60 degrees
Cylinder Head Bolts (M8): 18lb-ft
Drive Belt Tensioner Pulley Bolt:30lb-ft
Engine Block Coolant Plug: 13lb-ft
Engine Block Ground Bolt: 25lb-ft
Engine Mount Bolts (3 per side): 43lb-ft
Exhaust heat shield nuts: 80lb-in
Exhaust Manifold Bolts/Nuts: 28lb-ft
Exhaust Manifold heat shield bolts: 71lb-in
Exhaust Downpipe head shield bolts: 71lb-in
Exhaust Downpipe Bolts/Nuts: 39lb-ft
Exhaust Up-pipe Bolts: 39lb-ft
Fan Pulley bracket Bolt: 34lb-ft
Flywheel Bolts (Torque-Yeild): 1st step: 58lb-ft, 2nd Step: 60 degrees, 3rd step: 60 degrees
Flywheel housing bolts: 67lb-ft
Flywheel to oil pan bolts (2): 37lb-ft
Front Engine cover bolts:15lb-ft
Fuel Junction Block Bolt: 18lb-ft
Fuel Filter Bracket Bolts: 15lb-ft
FICM bolt:15lb-ft
FICM bracket bolt: 15lb-ft
FICM Banjo Bolts (2): 20lb-ft
Fuel Injection pipe Nut: 30lb-ft
Fuel Inlet Pipe Bracket Bolt:15lb-ft
Fuel pipes bracket bolt: 18lb-ft
Fuel Rail assembly Bolts: 18lb-ft
Fuel Lines from rail to injector: 33lb-ft
Fuel injector return line bolts: 12lb-ft
Fuel Return pipe sleeve nut: 30lb-ft
Fuel Return pipe Sleev unit: 30lb-ft
Fuel injection pump to block bolts: 15lb-ft
Fuel Injection pump drive gear nut: 52lb-ft
Fuel line bracket nut 15lb-ft
Function block to injection pipe fitting: 30lb-ft
Generator/Alternator bolts:37lb-ft
Glow Plug: 13lb-ft
Idler Pulley Bolts: 27lb-ft
Injector Hold-down bolts: 37lb-ft
Injector harness bracket bolt (under valvecover): 80lb-in
Injector terminal nuts: 18lb-in
Intake air Heater: 37lb-ft
Intake Manifold Runner Bolts/Nuts: 15lb-ft
Intake Manifold Bridge bolts/nuts: 80lb-in
Oil Coole r adapter bolts: 18lb-ft
Oil Cooler adapter nuts: 15lb-ft
Oil cooler assembly mouting bolts: 18lb-ft
Oil cooler adapter studs: 89lb-in
Oil drain plug: 62lb-ft
Oil fill tube Bolt: 15lb-ft
Oil filter :18lb-ft
Oil gallery Plugs: 39lb-ft
Oil Pan bolts upper: 15lb-ft
Oil pan bolts/nuts lower: 89lb-in
Oil pressure Sensor: 22lb-ft
Oil pressure relief Valve: 29lb-ft
Oil pump Bolt: 15lb-ft
Oil Pump Gear nut: 74lb-ft
Oil Strainer Bolts/nuts: 18lb-ft
Piston Oil Squirter Eye bolt: 15lb-ft
Power Steering pump bolt: 37lb-ft
Rocker arm shaft bolts: 30lb-ft
Starter motor bolts:58lb-ft
Thermostat housing Bolts/Nuts: 18lb-ft
Thermostat cover bolt: 15lb-ft
Torque Converter Bolt: 44lb-ft
Turbo Mounting Bolt: 80lb-ft
Turbo oil return stud:89lb-in
Turbo oil return nuts/bolts: 15lb-ft
Turbo oil feed hose banjo bolt: 25lb-ft
Turbo thermostatic valve: 44lb-ft
Valve adjusting screw nut: 16lb-ft
Valve Lifter Hold-down Bracket bolts: 97lb-in
Valve cover upper bolts: 71lb-in twice
Valve cover lower bolts: 89lb-in
Water outlet bolts: 18lb-ft
Water Pump Bolts: 15lb-ft

Hope this helps.

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Great post man. Thanks for the info..

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can you add the fuel return line top corner bolt 15 nm or 136 lb-in that ties the 4 bolts to the injectors.

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TSB regarding head bolt torque

This differs a little from what is shown so I thought to post it.


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Thanks for posting!

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on the upper valve cover its 71 in pounds twice... what does the twice mean

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on the upper valve cover its 71 in pounds twice... what does the twice mean
From my understanding they are just basically saying to go over all the bolts twice, someone please correct me if i'm wrong that's just the way I understood it.

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Thanks for the info of torques. Like to do things right. I am a retired mechanic foreman but I don't have info for my truck. Do not want to pay to have it done when I know I can do it myself.

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This is very helpful but I'm sure the valve cover bolts (upper) 71lb-ft
And (lower)89lb-ft can't surely be right !!!!!!!!!

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This is very helpful but I'm sure the valve cover bolts (upper) 71lb-ft
And (lower)89lb-ft can't surely be right !!!!!!!!!

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Not to bring the dead back to life but look closely, valve covers are in XXlb-in, not XXlb-ft. That mistake might give you a headache at trying to figure out why the bolts keep snapping haha.
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