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hey everyone hope someone can help me out here, so I have an 02 lb7 with 515,000km on it, and I get excessive smoke when I’m idling once truck is up to temp when it’s cold no smoke at all except on start up black or white smoke. it’s not losing coolant levels stay the same, oil is always at the same levels so not burning any oil. I got a p1093 code that keeps coming back. 2 injectors test higher over the tuner and then go down. I did some research on the code and found the ppe fuel rail pressure relief valve and gonna change it tomorrow and see if anything happens, in the mean time has anyone else had any experience like this before? All temps are the same doesn’t over heat runs the same as from the day one I bought it the smell of the smoke is “spicy” and doesn’t smell like unburnt fuel! I did dump a shit ton of stanadyne and injector cleaner in it. Thanks in advance
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