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does anyone know how the B1110 and B1111 tables are used in making the adjustments to the mm3 value?

example lets assume a 30mm3 output value from B1102 and B1110 is at .75 and B1111 is at .80

are the calculations done 30mm3 x .75(B1110) x .80(B1111) = 18mm3 and that is used in the fuel calculation for B1112 or B1113 or B1114 (depending on altitude)?


30mm3 x .80(B1111) = 24mm3
30mm3 x .75(B1110) = 22.5mm3
and the lesser or greater value of mm3 used?

Thanks for your help, just trying to learn EFI live as best I can before I start messing with it too much
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