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Hi Guys Im new here but have been lurking around for quite a while and have started to modify an 07 LBZ its a pewter 4x4 CCSB on 33's.
So far I have done an egr blocker and pcv reroute. I have also done the factory high idle switch and factory turbo brake switch. The only performance part on the truck currently are the alligator performance High flow trans cooler lines because the factory ones decided to blow apart last winter. Now to get onto what I want to do, Ill put it all out here and see what you guys think. Its mainly a dd with pulling an 5-8k lbs trailer occasionally and a 20k lbs gooseneck rarely. I dont do any sled pulling, truck pulling, or drag racing and dont really intend too(yes she gets babied most of the time
). What Im after with this truck Isnt crazy power levels but good flow, low egts, and better drive pressures, basicly just helping the engine breathe and improve its longevity. Im only shooting for around 600hp and 1200tq max which I know will be pushing my lbz pistons but this would only be on my hot tune.

Heres the list of what Im looking at putting on it what do you think?

ProFab DP
ProFab 3in Boost Tubes
ProFab 3in Short Bridge
ProFab Headers and Up Pipes
S&B Cold Air Intake
Air Dog II Lift Pump
MBRP 4in Exhaust
PPE Trans Cooler
Banks Intercooler
Danville Stg2R Turbo
DSP5 Tuning by Mark
ARP Head Studs

And to hold all this I wasnt sure really what to do and this is where I need the most help, I was looking at

Transgo Jr Shift Kit
Billet Input Shaft
Billet Flex Plate
MagHytec Deep Pan
Suncoast 1058 Converter... How are these for a dd?

Think I need to talk to mike l and see if I could get his stage 4 with some extra goodies shipped to Ohio and how much that would cost

All in all Im looking for a bullet proof trans that will take whatever I can throw at it and will last for at least 100k miles, I dont do any sled pulling or drag racing so other than tearing around the street and some towing the trans should have a fairly easy life.

Well thats my plan guys what do you think? What would you change or have I got my bases pretty well covered? Also thinking about dual cp3s and 60% over injectors, but those would come later. Another thought is Caltrac vs traction bars I'm leaning more towards the caltracs because I don't care about a little stiffer ride.

Thanks Jared
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