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Last few months at idle I would have an occasional single hiccup at idle. After a small road trip this past week it sometimes does the hiccup or it goes into a full loping idle with puffs of white smoke. I have a balance rate between +7-11 on cylinder 3 in park when it does the lope. I’ve replaced the injector 3 times now and even swapped 1 and 3 injectors with no change. I’ve replaced my fpr. I have no blow back at my oil cap. My fuel pressure usually fluctuates within 200 of my desired fuel pressure. When driving it will sometimes studder until I get to about 2000 rpms.I can see my boost gauge needle shake while it build up to 2000rpms too. I can make it run normal when idling if I rev it to about 2000rpm as well. I’ve been researching for days and can’t finding anyone with all the same symptoms as mine. I’m stumped
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