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this truck was ran on BD dyno.

its called the heart breaker dyno because everyone runs really low numbers on it.

i would say it reads 15% low making my truck closer to 500hp as the dyno operator stated.

Transgo JR. (shift kit)
Maganaflow 4” down pipe
3” Magnaflow exhaust
LB7 up pipe
BD full bore manifold
SDP EGR delete
Fass titanium lift pump
Fuel rail plug
PPE ported fuel rail fitting
EGT probe
Edge CTS2
DSP5 switch
DSP5 tuning
0 hp – friend is borrowing my truck tune (stock)
60 hp- tow tune (3% of the time)
90 hp- daily drive tune (92% of the time it will be in this tune)
130 hp- ¼ mile, Trans safe-ish race tune (5% of the time)
165 hp - (more than your 150hp tune) dyno tune pushing Trans to its limits

there is the video's

also some more data from the CTS2:

also on the board is the dyno numbers with corrected torque:

i am Marc Zwaan:

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you guys are all correct.

BD dyno is not a nice dyno what so ever.

for example a twin turbo socal LBZ did 1269hp at alligator and he did 1068 at BD same set up 2 weeks later.

also a triple turbo dodge did 1100 and did 1350 just a week previous.

thats almost 15% difference so my truck beeing at 430 X1.15 = 494.5hp.

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so your prob more like 460-480, BD's dyno is known to be a bit stingy
yeah id say, one of your mechanics with a s475 over stock rant like a 580 and that set up ran a 700 at alligator......honestly according to what ive heard and my calculations that dyno reads at least 15% low.

if i ran on alligators dyno i would be close too 500rwhp.

but we will never know as the truck is sold...
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