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I was lucky enough to find a 06 ZF6 Duramax this year and discovered after a vin search that there were only 261 made in my configuration: 06 Chevy 2500hd Regular cab.

I have seen 2 other LBZ versions on YouTube, one was a regular cab Chevy and a crew cab Chevy.

I posted a video of mine 2day ( probably the last fair weather day here ) and interested sharing info on these unique trucks.

I learned recently that they are detuned down further than the other 06's because of the limits of the factory dual mass clutch ( not the transmission)

Also wondering if there are ANY differences in the engine( not tune) possibly camshaft? As I just had to change out my engine due to the crankshaft breaking and losing the original to core charge fees.

It seemed like the original ran stronger than the replacement despite having triple the mileage! I can only figure the worn out injectors were dumping more fuel at wot. It was bone stock. 373,000 miles.

The original engine had its original injectors, injection pump and turbo, and to be honest was not well maintained before i purchased it. I really wanted to keep it and tear it down but couldn't afford the core charge.


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