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Lets see some 24's! show some pics!

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I am thinking about selling my 20" Rockstars and going with a 24" black zenetti wheel. Lets see some trucks with 24's lifted or not im curious to see how it looks. Thanks guys! :)
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Bump! No one with 24's?
There has got to be someone on here with 24's! If not tell me what you think??
make it 10.50!
no lift at alllllll
i used to, turned them back down most of the way. Rides better and my truck didnt like the 4wd launches with them turned up.
na man....i want 10.50! lol i already have 3 people fighting over them!
and thank you! i like them too just kinda been itching for something bigger.
ya i like the whole white and black scheme, i absolutely love the way they look on my truck but i want some 22's or 24's! What you got for them>shoot me an offer....
Still no pictures of big rims! come on people!
1 - 10 of 17 Posts
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