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Thinkin about lifting my dually a few inches, maybe 4... anybody done it? I seen one on ebay and it looks bada$$. Check it out at this link:

I hope that link worked....

I dont want to create a maintenance monster like my 91... I think that the torsion keys are OK if you dont go too high where they are no good due to the extra bind on the CV's - it has to add wear, friction and hurt mpg, but maybe its a non-issue? Anybody run the keys and see any diff in mpg?

What I do know is that in most all suspension designs "ride height" is engineered and is very critical to proper alignment and geometry... look into any racing manuals and you will find that any vehicle has only one "right" ride height...(in any decent design, thats a range of height of at least a few inches...) and with GM's IFS the dmax and big blocks can be leveled to the same as a smallblock without any probs (maybe this is the keys place to shine?) My 91 was cranked up an inch or two on factory keys and even with proper alignment it ate ball joints, CV's, drag links, and tie-rods and tires like crazy... and I greased it every oil change... it made me want a straight axle.

Lets see or hear about your lift....:drink
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