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Lift pump question

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So, I'm guessing the smaller electric pumps that are about $50 would never supply enough volume or pressure for our trucks right? They would just be an obstruction. Well, I have a very worn cp3, I am replacing it with a good unit this summer. The pump i am replacing it with seems very strong, it held rail pressure at 3300us, mine wont hold at 1450. Anyway, i am thinking about getting a lift pump to make it easy on my new cp3. Do any of you think that a lift pump would help my current situation with rail pressure? And if some of those other pumps are good enough for drag cars, what about us? just thinking. Thanks guys.:drink
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It can't hurt your situation to get one.

Do you already have a pump? If not, I have a LB7 pump if you're interested.
I have one, it's off an lly. Thanks though.
Yep I agree it can't hurt anything plus when you do put a new CP3 in there you will only help prolong its life with a lift pump.
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