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Limp mode LLY bone stock help!!!!

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My wife just brought my truck home in limp mode. CEL is on and is throwing 3 codes - P0089, P0090, P0404. Truck is bone stock, just replaced fuel filter 800 miles ago. there is also a knocking sound at idle, im guessing fuel knock. throttle hasnt been as responsive as it was when i puchased it a year ago either. Also, the exhaust smells funny, smells like an additive, but there is no additive in the tank. Any help would be awesome. Thanks. :help
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Description:Fuel Pressure Regulator Performance

Code: P0090
Description: Fuel Pressure Regulator Control Circuit

Code: PO404
Description: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control Circuit Range/Performance.

Soooo maybe you have low fuel pressure? That would make it feel like a turd, matches your symptoms. Could be a bad CP3 or a bad FPRV?
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