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Limp mode LLY bone stock help!!!!

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My wife just brought my truck home in limp mode. CEL is on and is throwing 3 codes - P0089, P0090, P0404. Truck is bone stock, just replaced fuel filter 800 miles ago. there is also a knocking sound at idle, im guessing fuel knock. throttle hasnt been as responsive as it was when i puchased it a year ago either. Also, the exhaust smells funny, smells like an additive, but there is no additive in the tank. Any help would be awesome. Thanks. :help
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Please help

Thanks for the links La77:drink. Ill try those and post back with results. also is there an easy way to tell if i have a bad fpr or cp3 without ripping the top half of the motor apart? test procedures, etc.?
So i just did the ice pick method and checked the ficm harness for chafing, didnt find any chafes on any of the wires in the harness. i taped the shit out of it and the alternator bracket it sits on just for safe measure. Still in limp and running like shit. It sounds like an old 6.5 when its starting then quites down slightly. FPR or CP3? ideas
Now I have 3 more codes, p0299, p0403, and p1093. Could a bad cp3 or fpr cause all these codes or is everything failing in my truck at the same time?
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